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It’s been a while since I went to our church in Fairview, it was great to be there today. It was also great to see some new faces mixed into the familiar faces. 

Our two main leaders, Ella and Leo have been doing a great job running the church and encouraging growth in people. 

There was not a huge crowd there, but the people who were there, were all very much involved and focused both the word and their God. It’s truly been months since I have been there, but today the place just felt good, it felt like God was doing something, it just felt very healthy. 

Please continue to pray for a Fairview family, it’s doing great, but there are always little challenges to work through and we constantly need Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding as we go about building the Kingdom of God on the earth. 

But our two main leaders, Ella and Leo, have truly done and are doing an excellent job. Please bless them both, by praying for both of them. 


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