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Rice Distribution


Well we finally got to the first rice distribution to 400 families. It was much harder to do than I expected, but that was all due to how hard it is to work in a dysfunctional system with such a poorly organised organisation like DSWD. The plan changed numerous times, seemingly at the whim of whomever you were speaking to at that time. Interesting.

But at least the first distribution has been done, albeit in the most disorganised and dysfunctional way possible, I would like to think that when we do it again on Saturday, perhaps, just perhaps, DSWD might be a little bit more organised.

We got 4.5 tonnes of rice, which we then repacked into 5kgs sacks. It was a small mountain of rice in the church. A lot of lifting, 90 x 50kg sacks. Then it all needed to be put back in sacks to transport it to the evacuation centre, where leaders and volunteers distributed it to the families. A lot more lifting.

Ps Marivic got to preach to the crowd and many of our leaders prayed and spoke with people in the crowd. There was not any salvations that I am aware of yet, but everyone heard about Jesus today. One of the best aspects of what we did today was that we will be back here at least 6-7 times, so we will get to actually connect with many of these people again, as many of them are staying inside the evacuation centre.

The plan at the moment is to distribute to 400 families again this Saturday, then on Tuesday, Thursday and next Saturday as well. That’s 1,600 families by the end of next week. There might still be some funds available after this last distribution, if this is the case, we will either continue with the rice distribution, or perhaps change what or how we give, until the funds are all gone. If we change I will inform donors via this blog, so that everyone is aware of what we are ding and why we are doing it.

We will get another 4.5 tonnes of rice on Friday some time, and just repeat todays process.

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to the rice, it is a huge blessing to the families who are receiving it.

Thank you very much – Mark and Christine Pedder.


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