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Parola Fire Rice Distribution


Tomorrow is the day we get to do our first rice distribution to 400 fire effected families. We would have preferred to have done it earlier, but we had to fit into a huge logistical task, so tomorrow it is. Today we received and repacked 4.5 tonnes of rice, that’s a lot of rice.

We are so grateful for the many generous donations we have received to date, with more promised over the next week. We currently have enough funds to distribute rice to over 1,600 families, which is just a huge effort from every one concerned.

Tomorrow 400 families, then Saturday another 400, the Tuesday another 400, then Thursday, then Saturday…and probably beyond.

But more important than rice, is the opportunity that we repeatedly get to preach to the masses inside the evacuation centre about Jesus. Ps Marivic will share the gospel with the crowd tomorrow morning, then teams of our people will walk through the crowd, healing the sick, speaking words of encouragement and going for baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and we will get to do this on at least 5 seperate occassions. It’s going to be great. This will not be what people expect.

After tomorrow I will post more photos of the actual distribution, but please pray for us, because rice is helpful, but Jesus changes lives forever. We are going to give rice, but what we want to do, is to give Jesus – He is the real need.

Bless you all – Mark and Chris Pedder


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