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Relocating Mt Everest

The SAGA of trying to simply give away some rice, sounds easy enough, right..! Might be easier to relocate Mt Everest.

So, we have had a few discussions with DSWD (Department of Social Welfare) and we though we had agreed upon a method and a system to distribute our rice, that has now changed a couple of times at this stage.

Trying to work in a corrupt and quite dysfunctional environment has so many challenges. The main challenge being how to “get around the system” without incurring any great loss. Listen, learn, adapt and adjust…then if need be, do it all again.

It does look like we will be able to begin our distribution to 400 families at a time starting from this Thursday morning, then again on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday of next week. If this particular plan and schedule does not change, we will be able to distribute to 1,600 families over the next week.

We will also get the opportunity to share Jesus with the crowd over those 4 days as well, both on mass and one to one.

Anyone who has ever worked in any form of charity or disaster relief program, knows that the logistics that go with distributing goods to a lot of people can be very complicated. There are so many factors and so many different groups wanting to distribute at different times. All of this particular distribution is happening in one relatively small location, which does make it a little more complicated, as you have to schedule your distribution amongst what many other groups want to do. People are sorted into groups both inside and outside the venue, with this revolving door of receiving. People receive tickets, allowing them to access the various goods.

Some NGO’s are getting frustrated with the slowness of the system, but if you want to distribute your goods on the street, you will need a small armed force to keep the crowd orderly. The police have actually banned street side distribution due to the lack of discipline of the people. So we just need to patiently await our turn in the system.

We are so grateful to all of the people who have donated funds, we have not distributed anything yet, but hopefully, as already explained, we can begin this coming Thursday. We are trying our absolute best to work in such a way that gets your donated funds, and the goods we purchase with your funds, directly to the people in need.

We appreciate your patients and your ongoing prayer. There will be plenty of good photos once we begin. The time delay, does allow time for international funds to actually hit our account, so that’s a bonus.

Bless you all – Mark and Christine Pedder.



  1. Hi Mark,
    our Lighthouse Church womens group is having a fundraiser at the end of March this year and we are thinking of fundraising for the needs that have come out of the Parola fires. Could you please let us know how funds could be used (other than to provide rice which is obviously such an important need) so that we can inform the women of what specifically they can give towards??? Any ideas would be appreciated. Sorry we cant get this event organised for earlier than this, but Im guessing there’ll still be great needs there in a months time?.
    Jodie Baldry

  2. Jo, I can’t honestly answer that question. I would imagine by then that life has returned to normal for the people and they will either have rebuilt or moved on some where else. This won’t be a need by that time. Sorry. We don’t have an active, ongoing ministry in Parola, we are only trying to help now due to the fire.

  3. Ok thanks Mark for that feedback. What a challenge for you all and wow, how resilient are the people there. Ill pass on that info to Ps Pauline and we’ll look again at what to do with the funds raised. Blessings.

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