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We ALL have to give… 

This post might not be what you first expect, but we all have to give. Giving is what enables us to receive. 

We had the privilege this week of donating a small truck to Destiny Inc. A missions group run by Aussies, Roy and Sue Anderson, good friends of ours in another part of the country. 

This is Ps Joey and Ps Ronel from Destiny picking up the truck today. 

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons in life, is this – in order to receive, you must give. This means “everyone”, even the missions people must give, it’s not all about receiving, although they are both very much connected. 

I often notice those who “have” but don’t give vs those who “don’t have”, but still give. If we can learn to give, and can teach the poor to give, then they can move themselves into the group that always have, because they always give. 

Giving does not cost us as much as we sometimes think, it’s actually the opposite, “giving is a means of gain”. 

Destiny Inc, be blessed with your new truck. 


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