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Fire Relief 

I need to start with a huge thank you to every single person who has contributed so far. We have received over AUD 5,000, with more funds being pledged and promised next week. 
People can give via our normal ministry account, by our local HSBC account (both lots of details are on the blog), via the PayPal button on the blog or via the ACCI in Australia. 

NOTE – we take NO ADMIN FEES for relief work. PayPal take a small fee for their services and there is a small bank fee for the international transfer fee, but WE TAKE NOTHING. 

So, what’s actually happening. I said initially that 3,000 families were effected as that was what the news was reporting, but the official relief list consists of 2,100 families who are entitled to relief. Still a lot of people. 

Of course getting goods out to 2,100 families is a logistics challenge, so everything takes time. There’s a lot of waiting a queuing involved for everyone. A large American NGO has also donated rice and they have set up a ticketing system with DSWD (Department of Social Welfare), where each family can collect 2kgs of rice per day. We don’t have the manpower, time or desire to set up our own system, so we are going to put our rice into this system, a measured amount at a time. 

Our own pastor, Allan Azura (pictured above) will oversee the purchase and donation of our contributions. We will also assist in some of the repacking of the rice into 2kg bags. So there is rice there already,  which is being distributed. We plan to wait until funds clear into our account and hopefully we can begin to add to the pile by Monday or Tuesday. 
We have also received a timely donation of vitamins from Kerang, Victoria, which we will repack and distribute personally to fire victims in the immediate area. 

We also plan to cancel any number of our normal Bible studies in Baseco and Don Bosco, taking those groups of people into the crowd of people just to chat, pray and preach. We can both bless people and we can also turn this crowd into a training ground for younger leaders. 

The response from people has been awesome. I  have been doing my best to respond to everyone personally, but if I missed you, I apologize, everyone’s contribution is very generous and seriously appreciated. 

But…the need will be ongoing for a couple of weeks. If you’ve already given, thank, but please “continue to share the need to others”. 

Bless you all. Mark and Chris Pedder. 


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