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Help Needed NOW

Ok, we have had a massive fire in a nearby slum. You can get more photos and the full storey on line “Parola Fire”.

It is estimated that 3,000 families lost their homes and everything that they had, so now, we Christians, filled with the love, grace, mercy and power of Jesus can help. 3,000 families, average family size 6-8, you do the math, that’s a lot of people. Their names have been counted and registered by local authorities and many of them are staying nearby the burnt out slum area or at various other nearby locations, but they have very little.

Let’s start a rice distribution program for the next few weeks at least. Here’s how it works – AUD 50 buys one 50kg sack of rice, enough for approx 4 families for a week. Everyone I know can spare 50 bucks.

50 = 4 families for a week

100 = 8 families for a week

200 = 16 families for a week

400 = 32 families

500 = 40 families

Donate any amount that you can, do it once or please do it each week for the next month. I will put in the first 500 bucks, challenge 20 of my friends to do the same, that’s 10 grand = 800 family, approx 6,400 people.

I think with all my friends and people who know us, 25,000 is fair target. Let’s get the ball rolling.

You can donate via the PayPal Button on this site or via our normal bank account, details of which are on the site as well.

Account details are as follows –

Bank – Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Acc Name – John 1412 Worldwide Ministries Inc’

Acc Number – BSB 06 3870 – Acc Number – 1024 9351

Swift Code (International Transfer only) – CTBAAU2S

Feel free to share this post around, put it all over social media, put it on go fund for the next couple of weeks. If you can’t give cash towards this, then give us some help getting the word out…and don’t forget to pray.

Bless you all – Mark Pedder


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