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Last night at the first Revival and Refreshing Service, Ps Manny had an awesome vision.

He saw us all in a  boat on a river, as the vision progressed, fish just began to leap into the boat, thousands of them, they just kept on coming all by themselves. Now if that was all the vision was, that would be exciting, because the fish are probably souls and we all know they need to be saved, interesting though that they got saved out of the river…but the next part of the vision is even more exciting to me…

People began to come from everywhere to help us carry the fish. People were queuing up with sacks, buckets and baskets to collect the fish. The river was lined with people. They also just kept on coming, thousands of them.

Of course if you want a harvest you must have harvesters ready, and we have poured into making disciples, as I have often said, “only Disciples can make Disciples”. We have harvested some, but not all that many really, but what we have done well (I think) is we have made them into Disciples. We have not just caught them and connected them to church, we have connected them to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

We don’t “corral and contain, so that people conform to my concept of a church”, we “Raise Up and Release people to follow Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit more than they listen to us”. For us, a persons obedience to us is not really an issue, but their obedience to Jesus is absolutely paramount for their own future.

What do I see in that vision – simply this, we are on the right track, our primary objective and responsibility is to “STAY IN THE RIVER“, and “KEEP MAKING DISCIPLES” like we are doing, the rest is Gods job. The two go hand in hand, one without the other means some thing is broken.

One thing I know, is that I have been called to “fish for men”, I am a fisherman, not a fish.

We need to be very carefully to not simply enjoy the river. Fish enjoy the river because they are fish, but I am not a fish, I am a fisherman, the river is where I go to fish. Of course I will enjoy it, but I am not to revel in it so that I forget to fish. For me, Revival or Refreshing will of course produce change in me, but it will also produce three main things – SOULS – SIGNS & WONDERS.

We need to stay in the river, we will know we are on the right track when the SOULS – SIGNS & WONDERS begin to increase.

We also pray Tuesday to Friday as a leadership team from 8-9am, we are digging in, pushing through – something is about to happen in the heavenlies that will touch the earth. 

If you think of us, pray for us, I think the journey has only just begun. 14 years in and I think we are ready to start.


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