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At Any Cost

Tonight we start something in God, that I don’t plan on ending. Worship, Refreshing and Revival Nights. 

Each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. All welcome, but no one needed, if it’s just me and Jesus, we will have a ball. Something is going to shift, break, change, at any cost. We are entering heaven, or it’s coming to us, very simple. 

I had never considered this, but Chris was chatting to one of our amazing youth leaders from 15 years ago (we have all stayed great friends) and one of them had an insight I hadn’t had, but as I ponder it, I believe it could be very true. 

15 years ago we had a youth group on the verge of a break through with God. Hungry, thirsty, spirit filled youth and youth leaders who were so passionate for the things of God, we were on the edge of something very powerful with God. We had a core of leaders and youth who worshipped, prayed and sought God, because they wanted to. 

Then a leadership split in the church happened. I was removed from leadership, with very little explanation to anyone and an on fire, Jesus focused youth group turned into social based baby sitting club in a month, under brand new leadership. Only those who had it, knew what had gone. We left, leaders left, the move stopped before it started. Something was “spiritually aborted before it could be fully birthed”. 

But 15 years on, we could be, by the grace of God, at that place again, on the verge of something great in God. Last time it was not my church, not my decision, not my choice, this time it is my church (take that statement in context), I make the decisions, I make the choices (again, take the statement in context please), this time we could be on the edge of something once again. My decision is to “jump in”, both feet, no reserves, no safety net, all or nothing, tonight it starts. 

Open ended worship, prayer and seeking God, no structure beyond a “start time”, come if you want to, leave when you need to, it’s that simple. 

We are going to Jesus, or He is coming to us, those are the choices. We will pray, worship, repent, call out, seek God or sometimes just stand in awe of Him, whatever happens happens, but something will happen. 

If you are in Manila, drop by, its gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be Jesus.



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