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Another LEVEL

We have had some awesome services where worship just goes through the roof, but we have never had what we had tonight. I apologise in advance, because I will not have the descriptive words to describe what happened here tonight.

I just had this thing to worship on my heart, just time with God, forget the frills. So we threw together a very impromptu song list on the laptop and informed people as they entered church that we were simply going to worship and seek God together tonight, nothing else.

Myself and the youth had already sort of started about 3:30, then as people came we briefly explained the plan – GET GOD, AT ANT COST. Then we hit play, with the songs on shuffle and repeat. Far out. I mean level up, break chains, going deeper, going beyond, nothing explains what happened.

I know what we did, we worshipped, shouted, prayed and just keep doing it. No teaching, no preaching, no words. We stormed heavens gates and they opened to us, they had no choice. We went to Jesus, He did not need to come to us. Far out.

We had the sound system pretty loud, but for some songs I considered turning it up, as the crowd was louder than the music. I found myself laughing in nervous expectation, as I was listening and seeing what was happening, but I knew that we had not hit any of the crowd favourites yet as far as the worship songs go. Far out, not even sure what to say.

Ps Marivic said she had no idea where she was, she said she could of been in a cave, just her and Jesus. She could have died and not known about it and it would not of mattered.

Ps Manny said he had never experienced and service like that and was not even sure that it was possible. He said he ran into his Fathers arms as if it was the very first time he had ever done it. Afterwards he was just walking around shaking his head.

No one was even praying for people. I was wandering around touching a few people, saying “Bless them”, nothing more. I gently held this one ladies hands, said “Bless her” and I kid you not, she turned not an angel in front of me. I was just looking at her, thinking “far out”. I wandered off and kept looking back her, she was still an angel.

We went til past 7. Words just don’t work to describe this. Church, preaching, programs, offerings – why do we think they are sooooo important. It’s all about Jesus touching His people.

We will have this type of meeting at any cost.

Even now I am typing this and I am in absolute “awe” of what must be available.

Structure stuff around Jesus, nothing else.


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