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Rise Up

In the book of Acts, when Godly leaders rose up, or were recognised and appointed by other leaders, at least two things usually happened –

1 – the Word of God spread greatly.

2 – many were converted to the faith.

Often today having more or better leaders just means that the service goes smoother, or the “program” runs well, and it mostly happens inside this little “bubble” called the church and has minimal impact upon the world around it. In some churches great things have happened because there has been a renovation on the kitchen.

Sounds a bit cynical, but I am not meaning it to be, there are many great churches doing great things, but we need so many more Godly, gifted, called, appointed and anointed leaders, out in the world, preaching the gospel and working miracles.

Come on. let’s rise up.

This post is here because I think that our ministry has the potential to slowly step away from the “Godly, gifted, called, appointed and anointed”, into just choosing people who are “good at stuff”. We need to stop this or we will weaken the whole team and the whole ministry will begin to slip into and be influenced by just religion – a form of church with no power.

It can look like a church, sound like a church, act like a church, but not actually be a church. We can’t have this, there is enough of this type of church in the world today, we don’t need to add any more.

Time to challenge what we’ve got. Time to “Rise Up” and raise the standards.


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