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Fear is an incredibly “directive” emotion, it leads us to do or not do many things.

Fear is often contrary to faith, but fear can also compliment faith and be used to strengthen and develop faith. Fear can be used by God to get our attention and help us to focus our attention in a certain direction.

For example, fear can cause us to rise to greater levels of real prayer. Due to the hardships of Israel under Pharaoh (Gods chosen and appointed leader of that day) the people cried out to God. Fear would have been mixed in with their many other emotions. Moses turns up as a deliver for these people, because “He (God) had heard their cry”, a cry that might not have happened if it were not for the hardships they experienced under Pharaoh.

Why am I saying this?

Fear is rising in this nation due to the continued extra judicial killings.

I have been in this nation for 14 years. I have gone places I should not have gone confidently and unafraid, because Jesus walks with me. I am not a fearful person, it’s something that God has dealt with me about many years ago. I have been in the country for only 2 days and I no longer feel safe here. There is no reason for this. It’s not an emotion I have felt before here. I didn’t know where it was coming from, out of me, from the nation itself, from the spirit.

So I asked two of our leaders to give me their opinion, feelings or thoughts on what was happening in the nation, where did they think it was going, what have they noticed, what changes, how are things effecting the country, the people…it’s a big question and I had no idea how it would be answered. I asked it to two main leaders separately and got the same response.

Both are personally afraid, nervous, uncertain and unsettled right now. Fear has been released into the nation and it is beginning to effect where people go, why they go there and what they do. It’s beginning to direct and impact upon the ministry negatively.

For example, in Don Bosco there is an active vigilante group and some one has been killed nearly every single day. So some bible studies have closed down, some buildings have become no go zones for our team. Fear is beginning to dictate what they do or don’t do. Similar avoidances are happening in Baseco for the same reason.

Ok, so now I know what is happening, I don’t know where or how far this is going to go, but I know the we must get on top of this. Fear must bow to Jesus.

Fear cannot be allowed to determine our theologies, actions or attitudes. I would appreciate no “Christian cliches” as comments on this post. Fear is a very real emotion and the avoidance of things that cause fear is a very natural response.

As a leadership team, as individual Christians we need to navigate this new issue. We need to pray, discuss and decide what we are going to do. It won’t be something where I can simply tell people what to do. We need individual leaders to get their own revelation in order for fear to be overcome in them and by them.

The bible is clear that if we try to save our lives, which fear encourages us to do, then we actually loose our lives, but if we loose our lives of our own choice, we actually really live. We all know the scripture and we would all go amen from our position of safety and security, but this nation is heading into to some uncharted waters and the possibility of loosing your life due to an act of violence is increasing possible. It is actually now a very real concept where I can say, “I am going to the market, I might get shot dead”, but you still have to go to the market if you want to eat. That’s why I don’t need any christian cliches, it’s all becoming a bit real.

So I am seeking real prayer, not for the ministry, for us and individual christians, leaders and lay people alike. We cannot allow fear to “immobilise” us, it must move us, mobilise us, motivate us to our knees in prayer, worship and the seeking of God. Christians do not “cower” in fear, they cry out to God. God hears prayer and He responds to prayer. We need God to move in this nation, for that to happen, it often means that God moves in some ones heart first, let it be our hearts.

Please don’t be mistaken, we are not all sitting here shaking in our boots, it’s not that bad, but we might well be heading in that direction if we don’t get on top of this.

Fear will not be allowed to direct us in a negative sense, but if fear can drive us to prayer, then thank God for fear, but that’s what needs to happen. We can direct the destiny of this nation from our knees, but we need people to get that as a revelation. We don’t need to recklessly go to places where we increase the chances of being shot or killed, and I won’t be encouraging any of our people to do that, but I won’t be telling them to avoid it either. In both the Old and New Testament, death had to come before life, some one suffered before salvation came, just ask Jesus about it.

It’s all so easy to Follow Jesus when it’s easy, but how do we do if the “ease” is removed. This nation is edging towards some very critical times, where will the Christians place themselves, under fear, or will fear become the mat that we kneel on to push forward in prayer?

I knew the year was going to be interesting and that there was going to great change, but I never guessed this.

“If My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, seek My face, turn from their wicked ways and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their land”. It’s fascinating for me, I have never been here before, uncharted waters, let’s see what God is about to do.

This is far from a light hearted post. Please don’t pray for us to avoid fear, don’t just pray for our safety or our protection, that’s not the point, pray for us to stand up boldly under it. Pray that fear motivates and moves us to deeper, real prayer. The bible says “and having done all things, stand…” we need to get “standing on our knees”.

Please share this through out any prayer networks that you have.

I am sort of sitting here typing this thinking “far out, it’s all about to get very real”. It’s nervously exciting, God is about to do some thing big.


  1. Years ago, I was involved in an inner city ministry. I would drive from my safe world into the inner city where drugs and murder were a part of their everyday lives. Like you, I had to make up my mind to believe God would truly watch over me and my vehicle. I prayed Psalm 91 and went there. What else can you do?

  2. Yep, that’s exactly right. He either is God, or He is not, He either can or He cannot, but each person does need to work that out for themselves. Filipinos have often commented on how hard their lives are, and while there is hardship here, it’s never been as difficult as they thought it was. It’s not like the Ivory Coast, the Sudan or Iraq. This is an impoverished country, but there has never been a really high danger of widespread violence like what is emerging now. It’s definitely a new day for our team.

    I had three encounters with God where He dealt with fear in me. I have not been a fearful person, I grew up in a rough world and had usually thought that I could handle myself ok enough in most situations.

    I went to Mexico in the year 2000 and had the most terrifying encounter with the devil, where I was literally scared as stiff as wood, could hardly breath, was 100% powerless and I knew it, I was literally in the hands of the devil and what ever he wanted to do, he could have done and there was nothing I could have done about it. I did expect to wake up dead.

    But then the next day I had an encounter with the living God that was terrifying beyond words. I was in a church meeting and God actually was there, He came all of a sudden, as in, He was actually there. Every person, over 250 of us were face down, people just began dropping onto the cement slab dozens at a time, with nearly no one being prayed for, you could not stand. I was lying on the ground curled up in a fecal position sobbing, almost trying to crawl into myself and get away. The awesome holiness and righteousness of God was there, and I knew that right here, right now, I was a sinner in the hands of an angry God, and right now He could make me a grease spot on the ground and He would be completely justified and right if He did that.

    In the first encounter I was fearful of death, in the second I was fearful of God, it changed my life in ways you nearly can’t measure.

    This is very much new ground for our team. Like you had to, they have to “make up their mind” as to what to believe and how they are going to live. Interesting days.

  3. Praying for the whole situation – an old song that is coming to mind is “Fear not” – fear not for I am with you, fear not for I am with you says the Lord
    May God keep you all safe and to have no fear and to know you are walking in His ways

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