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Change 2017

case_lg_banner_2Just taking a moment to say “Merry Christmas” to all of our Baseco family. We hope and pray that you all have the absolute best Christmas season that you can possibly have. Let it be a time that is full of Jesus, family, friends and fun.

I think three words are very important as we all move into 2017 – “Deliberate Progressive CHANGE.”

Change is always happening, it is actually impossible to avoid. Nothing stays the same, even if we would like it to, or even if we think not much is happening, everything, everyone changes all of the time.

Some change is totally out of our control and some change can clearly be directed by us.

The basics, Read, Worship, Pray – these things will always work, they never fail, because they connect us to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so in some ways these should never change, except they should increase as much as possible, and then they lead us to further change.

But the next area of change, that actual effects everything around us (including the three things that I just mentioned), is how we THINK. It will soon be 2017, but if we still think like 2016, or 2015, or maybe even further back, then very little will change for us.

Take some time to “Think about how we THINK”. Ask ourselves some questions – is my thinking changing, is it improving, is my thinking effective, is my thinking different from others around me, how is my thinking changing, does it need to change, how can it change, what can I do to improve my thinking”.

The bible says that when we were children we thought like a child, but as we grow our thinking can and should grow…QUESTION – is it growing?

2017, the world is moving ever forward. As a Christian we should not just be following the world, we should be leading the change.

Soon 2017 will be here, will I be leading the way for “myself and for others”, or will I be following those that decide to lead..?


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