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Discipleship – A VARIED PROCESS

One of the most damaging things to do in Discipleship, is to constantly tell people what to do, how to do it and when to do it, in such a way, as to remove their ability to find it out for themselves.

(of course there are “fine lines” all over this first statement and further explanation is needed)

Control tends to “CRUSH” people.

Loving, caring, guidance, with occassional (as needed and IF needed) direction, “DEVELOPS” people.

Discipleship is about developing people, while allowing them to develop themselves.
Allowing people to grow at the pace they are growing is very important in effective discipleship. Being “there” for people “where they are right now”, we can’t force or rush the growth process, but we can actually slow it down by putting unrealistic pressures and expectations on others.

My job is to guide people through the growth process where and, IF, I can. As a Christian, I have access to Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding that is well and truly beyond my natural abilities, but even then, there are people that I might not be able to help and that’s completely ok, because Jesus promised that “He would MAKE THEM”, so it’s not really my job, it’s His and He is really good at what He does.

I just need to continually encourage people to connect to Jesus, because He really is able.

Discipleship is so easy if we can see it like this.


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