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Boats can be SEASONAL

Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water. Getting out of the boat was the faith step. He had never done it before, he did not know how to do this, it was completely new. “New” is such a good thing in the economy of God. NEW is where the faith works and the faith is needed.

Often NEW is often incremental, step by step. Most change takes time and effort.

For example, a certain boat can serve you well for certain reasons, a certain task or for a specific season, but depending upon where you want to end up, changing boats, changing thoughts, changing methods, improving prayer or attitudes will be a constant in all of our lives.

We might want to be in “this” boat, enjoying “this” life, doing “this” thing right now –


…but more than likely we will need to start here and be content with this, at least for a while –


But don’t let this little boat become the destination, this is a great way to learn to sail safely, build up some skills and some confidence. There is much to be learnt starting small, just don’t aim to “stay there”. Be content, be happy, use what you have, where you are as well as you can, go as far as you can with what you have got…just always be ready, when the time is right, to “abandon the boat”.

But, don’t abandon the boat, unless there is some thing else to step into, even Peter stepped out of the boat into the arms of Jesus.

Keep open and ready to change.

“Change is always coming”, if you are ready, you won’t miss it.


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