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Commission and Release

Often church models are focused on “contain and conform” concepts. Get the people in, then get them under control. But the Kingdom mindset is much more focused on “commissioning and releasing”.

The bible is absolutely loaded with people who were not ready and should never of been able to do what they did, but they did it because they were never told “no, your not ready”. Just like the bumble bee, technically it should not be able to fly, but no one ever told the bee that so it flies anyway.

We need to constantly encourage people to do what they can’t do, after all, isn’t that “faith”. If we can do it, it can’t really be faith, but if it gets done when it “can’t be done”, isn’t that faith – e.g.:walking on water, can’t be done, but Peter did it.

This is very much determined by the mentality of leadership. If we are focused on building the church (or more accurately, if we are focused on building MY church), then we contain and conform, but if the leadership is Kingdom minded, then it’s all about “Commission and Release”. One is very small minded, the other, Kingdom minded, is very broad minded. One is focused on the temporal, the other on the eternal. Let’s not fall into the trap of “protecting our church” at the price of the people around us.

We need more and more people having a go for Jesus and doing what they can’t do. People walking by faith and not by sight. Let’s not “contain and conform”, let’s “commission and release” people into the greatness that only faith can produce.


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