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I just received this testimony from Pastor Allan Azura  in Baseco. The testimony is from the young man in green. So good to see lives changed. 

Recca Boy Rapala – testimony… 

“One of the youth leaders in our youth ministry shared his testimony to me.

His life inspired me to believe God could change me into becoming the man that God wants me to be.”

Recca Boy –  
“I learned so many things about Jesus, discovering more about Him by studying the Bible and praying. The more I got to know Jesus, the more He showed me how great He is. I realized that I needed Him more than I needed anything else in my life..

Having a relationship with God changed my life as my mind gradually aligned to the mind of Christ. I’m now in the process of learning and discipleship training and I’m excited for things to come. God opened my eyes to see the value of discipleship. There are many people who need to hear God’s message. I used to be one of them before and I know that Jesus’s love and sacrifice compels me to share who He is to others, especially to my fellow students and friends. I know that Jesus called me to “go and make disciples” because He gave me His great commission. He wants me to be a representative of His image and work. With this, I believe that making disciples is one BIG opportunity for me, because I’m part of God’s big work..

It is my prayer that He would still continue to entrust me with people who are in need of hearing His message, and that I would be a great example of His love. At the same time, I want to grow deeper in my relationship with God, and encounter more godly people who would help me in my walk with Him…”


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