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I am pondering setting up some good Career advice program for our ever growing group of college students.

Thinking of a title and LOGO that perhaps combines the word CARE and CAREER, they would seem to blend together very easily.

For our students, it does not seem like they are given serious career advice or counselling before they make their College Course Choices (another potential title or LOGO), this does need to change.

Many young people in our area who might go to College, don’t ever plan on working in that area, or if they do, they often don’t seem to know very much about any career options that this course might give them or what other employment requirements might be needed. So, if we are looking to really change a generation, I think we need all of these ideas in our students heads late in High School, well before College Courses are decided.

It’s all about “long term thinking” for our students. It’s not even necessarily focused upon the CAREER, more focused upon the LIFESTYLE they might want or that they can have.

People have supported many of our students through varying aspects of their schooling for many years, and now we really need to focus on making that investment really “pay off” as much as possible.

So, anyone who is creative, feel free to throw a LOGO at me, a name for the program, a catch phrase. Share any websites that you might know of – help me put this program together.

The future is in all of our hands.


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