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Effort = Reward

This is Beverly Pring and her sister Marilyn (background), we have sponsored most of their school life. 

This post is an encouragement to those who sponsor students with us, and an invitation for those who don’t,  to perhaps prayerfully consider sponsoring a student for next year. 

Both these young ladies are doing so well at school. They see that sponsorship has given them an opportunity that many around them don’t have and they are definitely making the most of it. 

Beverly was top of her class in many subjects this year, she excelled at everything. 

This is a copy of a Facebook post from Marilyn recently – “I go to school to study. There are many things to learn, about Myself, about my family and community, about the world, and about God. These I learn through the subjects that I take, through my co and extracurricular activities, through my different interactions with schoolmates, in short, through my experiences in School. I valued my study, because I believe this will help me in my future.:)☺;)😄

#Value #Education #SchoolLife:)”. 

Both girls have brilliant attitudes to both study and life. Both are active, as growing young Christians in both the youth and the church. 

Sponsorship doesn’t have to make people dependant, with the right advice and encouragement, sponsorship provides opportunities, it’s not a “free ride”, it’s an invitation to work hard, becoming responsible and developing your own life. A lot of work is required to make sponsorship work, most of that work can only be done by the students themselves. 

We will sponsor anyone into and through Elementary School, then the first couple of years of High School begins to sort out the serious and the not so serious. Those who don’t study, will struggle to learn. Life teaches us much, but deliberate learning is a personal choice, those who don’t choose to learn by not studying hard, we don’t choose to continue to sponsor. Every gets the encouragement and the chance, but not everyone takes the chance, that’s their choice. We also recognize that not everyone learns schoolasticly. 

These two young ladies are examples of many of our very hard working students. You would be amazed at how many of our students are high achievers, so many are in the top 1-3 of their classes. We have had students in the past who have actually graduated top in the school for certain subjects, one young man was top student of the school in so many subjects, a little genius. 

They study hard, then this is combined with clear teaching and encouragement towards the Holy Spirit, who can teach them all things. School is great, sponsorship is appreciated, study is great, attitude is great, but then you add God and a genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit to these teenagers, this is now almost a guaranteed pathway to success, just waiting to happen. 

Sponsorship is not about giving money, it’s about giving the opportunity to build the foundations of a life. 

There is a link on this blog with more details about sponsorship, go over to it and have a look. Christmas is drawing near, sponsorship would be a great gift to give. Prayerfully consider it. 

God bless you – Mark and Christine Pedder 


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