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The quantity and the quality of any input is directly equal to the quantity and the quality of the output. 

Little effort, usually equals little rewards. It’s not normal to consistently get big returns from minimal efforts. 

This is true in so many areas of life, relationships, Christianity, study, work, sport, finances etc. 

Our youth understand that if you want it, you need to work for it. Not much in life is free. Many of our young people are sponsored in school, sponsorship provides them with an opportunity, where they now need to work hard in order for that sponsorship to really benefit them.

Sponsorship does not make study any easier, sponsorship gives the student the chance to “be responsible” and work hard. Sponsorship does not necessarily keep a child in school, but it allows them to stay there and succeed if they want to. 

Many of our students understand what’s written above, and our church is definitely a multi purpose venue where students often study by themselves and in groups. Many of their homes have poor or no lighting, with no space to spread out undistracted, so church becomes the study centre. 

You will often find young people in church studying, grabbing a quick nap, or sometimes some one grabs the guitar and it turns into a little worship service, but they are putting in the effort and overtime, many of them will reap the rewards. 

For anyone that sponsors a student with us, your support helps us to build “RESPONSIBILITY” into our young people. It’s your funds, but it is still very much “their life, their choices, their efforts”. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity that you provide for them. Thank you.


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