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Here are some “brilliant photos”. Brilliant, not because the photos are anything amazing, but because of what they portray.

I have been in Australia for just over a week and the work of the ministry in Baseco is progressing as it should do, when “real Disciples are focused on making real Disciples”.

We have an active youth group, with numbers of leaders of varying ages. Within that youth group some leaders have their own Life Groups. The aim of the Life Group leader is to grow their life group into a “Youth Church”, that is always connected into the larger youth group and the church, but that stands alone. Life groups can only grow with new converts.

These few photos are brilliant, because on the left you see Mayrelle Robedillo and on the right you have Beverly Pring, both are 14 and both have their own Life Group. “They”, notice that very specific, informative and nothing but INSPIRATIONAL word, “THEY” are baptising 5 people in water, 2 from one group, 3 from the other.

In many countries, churches or ministries, they would be seen purely as children (which they are), but with us, they are also becoming very credible ministers of the gospel.

This is a very simple, but super exciting blog. This blog is not really about baptisms, this is about the growth and development of the next generation of adult leaders.

We genuinely ENCOURAGE, EQUIP and RELEASE, with age, be it old or young, being of no concern at all, IT’S ALL ABOUT HEART.

We have 5 churches now, I think with the quality of our young people, we can easily double that in 5 years. After all there are two youth groups in very, very early days of formation in this blog…and there are another 17 youth leaders not mentioned here, plus the leaders they will raise up in the next few years.

God is very good at being good.



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