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Rubelyn Canda – Update 4

​Spoke with Lisa this morning. Not really anymore news. Rubelyn is eating, talking, moving around ok. The Dr still wants her in hospital for observation, she is still on a drip to administer the Oxycillan. Lisa is tired, but she seemed OK. The way this is going, I would say (but I am not a Dr) that the suspected bullet in her brain is either not there, or there but not causing any issues. Either way, it’s looking very, very good at this stage. Jesus is onto this.

If I only had a photo from a few weeks ago where Rubelyn was seriously lost in worship, that same Jesus she was with that day, is in that hospital with her today, He never “leaves or forsakes”.

There has been no further mention of an operation at this stage, that has to be good news, right. 


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