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Rubelyn Canada 2nd Update 

So, Rubelyn is talking much better, she can move ok, but she gets very dizzy if she tries to sit up. She can remember people, she knew us. It does not seem to be as serious as it was first thought to be, but Lisa did clearly say, she is so much better today. We will thank Jesus for that. It is still very serious, with potential unknown complications at this stage. She has been shot in the head. We will put the improvements down to prayer, but it’s not all fixed yet. 

The Dr at the GAT (first hosital) said the bullet was still inside her head. But from scans here at Jose Reyes there is no “clear evidence” of that, but, they are not saying there is nothing there, they are uncertain. They have done 2 scans. She has a hole in her head, and a crack in her skull. The scans show spots around the hole that could be either little clots or bone fragments, they are not certain yet what they are. She only has feeling in her left arm and hand, but she can move everything else fine, but there is very little feeling in the rest of her body. If the antibiotics are running low, she gets incredible pain in her head. If she coughs, or anything else like that, it is also very painful. 

She is under observation and just on oxacylin via the drip at this stage. There has been no conclusive discussion on whether or not an operation is needed at this stage. 

The Dr did arrive while we were there, he had nothing extra to say. 

But it’s all looking better than we thought, which is very good. 

She was shot with a small home made gun, which is clearly much better than being shot with a real gun. There is a chance the bullet bounced off her skull without penetrating too deeply. 

Lisa, the mum, is as good as you can expect.


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