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Little Parents

This is a totally wrong, but a totally normal photo for so many. 

Non present parents, with children looking after children. 

This little fellow sits in this doorway nearly every day, looking after his baby sister. I think the ages are 5 and 2+.

He has parents and they do provide food, clothing and shelter, they are just gone most of the day. 

Feeding and clothing a child is just nowhere near enough…love, care, kindness, attention, encouragement, the list of things that you “can’t buy”, but that are so valuable goes on and on. Not much of these comes into this house. 

Jessica is just a very young mum (not a very good one), she never got these things, so how does she know they are needed. 

Lesson (there’s a billion from this photo) – raise your children well, they will raise your grand children. If they get what they need, they will know what “to give”. 


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