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When it says in the Bible about not worrying about tommorow, it then goes on to say that “sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”.

The easiest way to remove potential trouble from tomorrow, is to do what needs to be done today. Do what you need to do. Do what you know to do. Apply the lessons that you learn on other days to today, this pretty much takes care of tommorow. 

Example – read, worship, pray have you done that today. Have you spent some time taking, notes, thinking, meditating on God and life. Did you children have fruit or vegetables today, or have they had a vitamin today. Have they drank enough water today. Have you exercised today. Did you save something today. Did you keep a good attitude today. We’re you friendly, did you smile a lot today. Etc, etc, etc. 

If you have not done what needed to be done today, do not complain about tommorow if it comes with problems that are connected to what you did not do yesterday. 

It does not mean that my tomorrow with be trouble free, the verse clearly says tomorrow will worry about its own things, but I can have “less” trouble tomorrow by being wise with today. 

This is a way of thinking and preparing for the future without necessarily being focused on it or worried about it. A step by step approach to personal development and greater responsibility. 

I have had a revelation that poverty, just like many, many other things can just become a very convenient excuse for all sorts of negative practices and attitudes. 

People also become dependent upon poverty to maintain a certain lifestyle, in an “attitudinal” sense. For example, I will not become wiser with how I spend my time or my money, because someone should help me. But in most cases, that some one can be and should be the poor person themselves. 

Some small (or large) attitude adjustments, some basic daily disciplines, will lead to some form of life change. Once people see that they actually can change their life, that encourages them to greater efforts. It can all start today. 

So the question is, what needed to be done today and did you do it? 

Helping people get the concept of today and tomorrow right is very, very difficult to do.


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