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Plan, Prepare, Adjust

Start well – Run well – Finish well. Pace yourself. Run to a plan. 

Plan as much as you reasonably can. You cannot plan for everything that might happen. 

If you need to, you can plan, pray & adjust. This can be repeated as often as its needed. But make sure, it’s needed and that it’s not just an excuse to quit. You should not really do this until after you have tried your original plan. 

Learn before you adjust. 

Actually a good rule is to “plan to adjust”. You will rarely have it right the first time. Don’t let pride keep you from adjusting a bad, or an incomplete plan. 

Don’t let little things get away from you. Deal with stuff when it happens, as much as is practical. Small things, little foxes, spoil the vine.



  1. Part of the motto for the U.S. First Army is: “A plan seldom survives first contact with the enemy. A plan is basically good intentions. The key question is not ‘Do you have a plan?’ The question is ‘…Can you take the plan and adapt it to the situation on the ground, no matter the situation?’

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