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Pray for Corin

This is Corin, she is 4 and  needs some prayer. 

She has just been admitted to hospital severly dehydrated, seriously low potassium and low acid content. She is also suspected to have an amoeba  in her stomach. 

At the moment she is not really responding to treatment. She needs some prayer. 

Unfortunately her situation could actually have been totally avoided by just having a better diet and drinking more, & clean water. The family has work, so therefore there is an income, this did not need to happen. 

The bible says… Proverbs 23:7, as a man thinks in his heart so he is… Life reflects our thoughts. 

Poverty is not simply a lack of resources, it’s often a lack of positive thought processes that can enable you to avoid other issues. A couple of bananas a week (source of potassium), very cheap. An extra few cups of water per day instead of all the soda, very cheap, versus hospital admittance, Dr’s fees, drips and medicines, very expensive. 

We definitely need to and will, pray for Corin, but this is a parenting issue. Poor parent choices are the cause of this situation. This is a poverty of thought. 

This is an example of “poverty being very expensive”. 

Be renewed in the Spirit of your mind, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

Change your mind to change your life.


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