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Timing is everything. 

I have blogged about Rocky, the man with the rotten foot. He is of course the bread winner for his household. There’s a wife and 5 children, but there’s no money coming in at all. What they had has been consumed by medical needs. Of course we are helping them out. 

Christine felt to buy them a sack of rice, so she organizes Ps Manny to buy the rice and take it to their house. He is bringing it into Baseco on the back of the bike, a 50 kg sack of rice on the back of a scooter is a very common sight here, odd for us, normal for the locals. As he comes down the road, there’s Mrs Karim walking along the road, so he stops and asks her how she is and where she is going.  She is going to the local Barangay to ask for some food, she has nothing to feed her children and she does not know what to do. 

Ps Manny explains to her that Jesus loves her and that nanny Christine loves her too, this rice is for you. 

Apparently she cried and danced at the same time. 

Now here’s the deal, it’s not about giving rice or even help. As she was walking down that road, for sure she was praying, talking to God. My wife talks to God. The point is this, talk to God, then listen to Him and do what He says. 

It might seem over simplistic, but He knows what He is doing, He knows what we all need, He loves us, cares for us and is more than able to provide all our needs.



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