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We had one of those services this weekend, where God just walked in and everyone knew it, and nothing else mattered. 
I preached, worship at the start was good, but just sort of normal for us, then we opened up for prayer ministry, the musicians came back, and the heavens opened above us and God came down and began to walk amongst us. It was awesome. 

I might of only prayed for one or two people. You didn’t need to, God was there doing stuff by Himself. 

You just closed your eyes, raised your hands and literally nothing else mattered, nothing at all. Time, people, prayer, nothing, just Jesus and you, and that was happening everywhere.

 I looked around every now and then, and truly, people whom I have never seen worshipping before, were just lost in God.

Then with no signal, no prompting, people just started praying for and with people, bodies just started dropping, no catchers, no courtesy drops, it’s a cement floor, don’t fall if it ain’t God. I was watching one of our youth, she was just not there, almost floating, I actually stood near her and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible, I actually thought to myself, this is so serious here right now. 

Worship went on and on and on, no one tired, no one even cared about the time. We have never had and will never have a clock in church, we will never make God fit our time frame. When God turns up, we are going with Him, people are free to leave when ever they want to, but we won’t shut it down so everyone can have a coffee. 

In the middle of all of this the young girl at the top of this blog, Mariel Raagas, age 18, with a great team of young musicians and singers with her, was leading us into the presence of God with a spiritual maturity and wisdom well and truly beyond her age. She stayed in the flow and sort of rode the waves of the Spirit as if she had been doing this all of her life, but she has been with us maybe 3 or 4 years. I can honestly say I was awed by her and our young team. Mariel was confident, clear, concise, she kept her eye on the crowd and her eyes on God at the same time, she “led us” into the presence of God so well. 

The riches, the jewels, the treasures that God has given us in the form of our youth is almost unbelievable. We are so blessed to have them with us. 

May we steward them well.


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