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“Get it” 

According to Proverbs, Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding are easily and equally available to all. Wisdom calls aloud in the streets, God actually “stores up” wisdom for the upright, just to make sure there is no lack. 

In a world where so many seem to “not know” what to, or how to do something to improve their lives, or perhaps in a world where many blame some one else for all their problems, Biblically, if we are faith based, there is no excuse for this, as I have access to Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. 

Perhaps a religious saying might be “God is totally in control of my life”, but this is not really true. A more correct saying might be “God clearly has a great plan for my life, so He gives me clear options and choices to make, my choices will determine my life. My choices will determine my submission to God. If I give Him control of my life, then He has control”. So it is in many ways correct to say that “I am totally in control of my life, and I must choose to give that life to Jesus. 

I shared with the youth leaders last night about being responsible, your life is in your hands, no one else’s. 

When you live in blame, you rarely live in gain. When something is clearly available, just do what you need to do to “GET IT”. No excuses. 

(The photo is from church, not youth leadership). 


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