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Zero Tolerance 

Jesus has zero tolerance for the beliefs of others who have fallen into many and varied forms of false religion. There is only one path to peace, eternity and salvation, and it is HIM.

For Him, truth is truth, He is that truth, there is no other form of truth, no partial truth, if it’s not “the truth”, then it’s a lie…there is no other alternative. 

No one, as in no one at all, regardless of who they are or, who they think they are, can come to Him on “their” terms and conditions. It’s His way or no way at all. 

He has no concern for the world’s definition of fair, right, correct or justice. He is fair, right, correct and just, and He has no need to defend any of His actions or attitudes to anyone. 

He is not, has never been and will never be subject to our laws and ideas. 

He is Jesus Christ, King of all kings, Lord of all lords – everyone will bow to Him one day, He will bow to no one…and I have chosen to follow Him…and He chooses to live and walk with me.


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