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Lives Changed

Last night we were sitting around outside just chatting with some of the youth. As the conversation went on we were chatting about the ministry years ago, how things started, what did we actually focus on in the early days and we looked a little bit at how far things have come.

For the first two years all we really did could be broken up into three parts. I just walked around preaching the gospel and praying for people, Christine walked around with a large para medics bag, treating wounds and sickness’s, mostly with children, but the main thing we did was run malnourishment programs for children, some times feeding 2,500 children per month. Daily feeding these children in a number of locations inside Baseco. It was just continuous, day after day, in hot weather, in rain, in typhoons, hard work.

As we mentioned this, Marilyn Pring got all excited, saying “I remember that, the chocolate milk, my mum would take me every day, over in the small wooden church”.

I honestly don’t remember if Marilyn was severely malnourished or not, but every child in that program was malnourished to a degree. Marilyn would of been 5 years old then, she is 17 now.

When you look at Marilyn now, you don’t see a malnourished child, you see a young lady who is almost at the end of High School, she is confident in who she is, she is very fluent in English, is a leader in Youth group and she will be the first person in their family to both complete High School and then go to College. She is a life who has been changed.

But she is also part of a family that has been changed, her mother is in ministry, her father has been saved dramatically from alcohol and is now a Pastor, a relationship that was volatile and often violent has been changed, all the children can speak English, all are in school and will complete school, both parents have decent paying jobs. This family has been “SAVED” from a myriad of issues connected to sin and poverty, they will never be the same again.

Some times “today” can be filled with frustrations and challenges, but it is so important to not forget, to deliberately stop and remember the good things that God has done. Israel repeatedly got into trouble because they so quickly forgot what God had done. Let’s learn from that and use the testimonies from our own past or the pasts of others to stir hope and faith in us for today and even for tomorrow.

The bible says that because of your faithfulness I can and, I will, trust you today.

We need to stop, think, reflect and remember what God has done, He was able then, He is able now. He was aware then, He is aware now. He acted then, He can act now. He has taken you from “there” to “here” and He is continuing to take us “onwards and upwards” now.

Life is a constantly improving journey when we follow Jesus.

We can see how far Marilyn has come, and while we cannot predict the future for her, it will be “good”, because that is already the pattern that has been set in her life.

He is Faithful and that will never change.

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