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​There is a danger in acting upon our own ideas. 
When we act upon our own ideas, we are putting our creative ability on the line, putting it to the test in a way where we will get very clear feedback. If we are insecure, it might prove difficult to rationalize away any unsatisfactory results. So in some ways it might seem safer not to try, than to try and have some measure of failure. 
It we don’t try, we can’t fail, so things just stay the same. The “same” is comfortable, but not progressive. 
The future can be better if we will fail, LEARN and try again, perhaps only to fail, LEARN and try again. As long as I LEARN, it really does not matter how many times I fail, I WILL EVENTUALLY SUCCEED. 
My future can be built on my failure, but only if I focus, not just on the failure, but on what I learnt from the failure. Failure can be a great educational tool.


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