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We have had a first real rain in the rainy season. We got caught in the tail end of a super typhoon heading up to Taiwan. It basically rained for two and a half days. 
The air is just heavy with moisture, everything you touch in the house feels cold or damp. 
We now begin the yearly battle against the mold and rising damp. 
Our house is a squatter, self built home, so it’s not sealed. We have no aircon and no way of keeping moisture out. In the summer it peaks at 39c inside our house. Right now it is 27c, which is very cool, great for sleeping. Nationals will be freezing tonight, we will love it. 
As the rainy season creeps up on us, what you let get wet today becomes a planned thing, you can’t allow all your clothes to get soaked, as it takes days for them to dry. So some days you just choose to wear yesterdays wet clothes, because you might want dry clothes in a day or so. We are not at that point now, but we will get there soon. 
It’s the same once water gets inside the house, dry towels become a well planned luxury. 
Now is the time to put moisture sucking gels in all your electronic cases, or else they will be dead in a month or so. 
Same for going out on the bike, do I need dry shoes for anything this weekend or not? 
I also need to be aware of where man hole covers are and are not on the major roads around us, because as the roads flood with black/grey water visibility is lost and that knowledge might save me from riding into a four foot deep drain. 
I know we are only in Manila, but sometimes we might as well be on another planet.


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