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Watch “Pan Asia 2016” on YouTube

I am hoping this video will be a bit different at this year’s Pan Asia Missions conference, and hopefully get people’s attention in a different way.

Most people show all the highlights of their ministries in these video presentations with very professional productions (which is really great), but we have deliberately gone the other way, a dark, gloomy video shot with just one take on a phone camera, no editing, just raw and real.

Pan Asia is a great showcase of Australian missionaries and the huge variety of work that they do in the many countries they work in. It’s a privilege to be able to attend and then speak at this conference most years.

For anyone interested in missions this is a great Conference to put on the calendar. First week of August, Phuket, Thailand.

A great place to get inspired by stories and testimonies, and then a great place to connect with the people who are giving their lives to fulfill the Great  Commission.





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