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In a world of ever changing focus and emphasis, where rules, protocols and policies are continually updated, reviewed and revised, in what often seems to be a never ending, and almost pointless cycle determined by what ever minority is shouting the loudest at that certain time, or perhaps determined by whatever the world views as an important focus today…Jesus is still the same.

Regardless of the “rules” which determine what is right or wrong today; what is right today, will be more than likely be wrong tommorow and what is wrong today might just become right tomorrow…and in the midst of all of this madness…Jesus is still the same, yesterday, today and forever.

He is not, has never been and will never be politically correct. So don’t bother applying that filter to Him or His followers.

He has zero tolerance for the beliefs of others who have fallen into many and varied forms of false religion. There is only one path to peace, eternity and salvation, and it is HIM.

You are free to believe anything you want too, which translates to this – in the face of centuries of clear testimony and solid evidence revealed to the world through the lives of others and through the histories of nations, you are still free to ignore all of that and try to be another person who is going to prove that it is all wrong. Good luck with that…show me some one whom that has worked for so far..? You are following in the foot steps of many past failures if you take this path…

For Him, truth is truth, He is that truth, there is no other form of truth, no partial truth, if it’s not “the truth”, then it’s a lie…there is no other alternative.

No one, as in no one at all, regardless of who they are or, who they think they are, can come to Him on “their” terms and conditions. It’s His way or no way at all.

He has no concern for the world’s definition of fair, right, correct or justice. He is fair, right, correct and just, and He has no need to defend any of His actions or attitudes to anyone.

He is not, has never been and will never be subject to our laws and ideas.

He is Jesus Christ, King of all kings, Lord of all lords – everyone will bow to Him one day, He will bow to no one…and I have chosen to follow Him…and He chooses to live in and walk with me.


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