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Nothing Spiritual about this post…its just my dog, Ebon, which means “bird” in Tagalog.

For a slum dog he is big and healthy, he gets looked after well. He is the top dog in the area, all the others males bow to him, no strays or feral dogs come near his area, at least they don’t do it twice.

He can also be quite aggressive with people he does not like. He never bites, but you will clearly know if he does not like you, so there are a few people who are afraid of him, sometimes that’s not a bad thing. All the locals like him, he guards everyone’s house in the area.

But this picture so summarizes Ebon. He goes around a few homes in the local area, sticks his head in the door, on the floor, puts a sad, hungry look on his face and waits for food. Big sook.

It’s quite funny, not a single child is afraid of him. Sometimes he will be having a growl at someone or another dog, and the tiniest of children will run up, give him a smack and try to drag him home, I say try, as he is as big as the small kids.

Just a snapshot of life in the slum.

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