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Great GAME




Looking really good…


Now, to the untrained eye, this might look like a bandage change, but we know different.

This looks like a tube, but really this is a house, but only to the trained eye…


…and if you knock on the door of this house, and we all shout “tao po” really loud (which means, anyone there), then, “puti ng bulati”, (the white worms) that live in this house will come out…but sometimes they don’t hear, so you have all shout very loud.


…this looks like cream (but what would you know), this is two white worms, isa maliit (one small), isa malaki (one big).  Once the worms come out, our job is to squash them and make sure they are patay (dead). Mum is the best at making sure they are patay.

God sent us these worms, they have turned trauma and tears into fun and smiles. We must kill all the worms. Great distraction.

This wound is doing everything it is supposed to do. The arm is totally healed, he does not come anymore, that was Rainiel, 13 months old.

I actually looked through old posts and I don’t think I have ever put this little fellas name, but this in Ken, he is 2 and a 1/2. He has been a great patient, but he was so over these bandage changes, tears, kicking and screaming, just over it, these white worms have saved us from all of that.

These white worms came from a whole heap of generous, kind hearted people connected to a great church, Globalheart, in Perth. The name says it all.

Thank you so much.

We have no infection, no pain, one amazing miracle and a burn that is healing well. It’s just settled into a day by day bandage change and white worm squashing challenge.

Considering the potential for serious infections and complications, we have all worked together to save two little lives.

Job well done everyone.


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