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We are now into one week with no water. A population of 125,000 + with no water, in the year 2016, in a mega city.

The water comes on like a trickle at about 1am, then goes off at 4am. Been doing it for a week. So everyone is up then trying to fill buckets and any spare containers for the next day. But then the fact that so many people are trying access the trickle at one time, just makes the trickle less.

The cynical me thinks election are over, no govt officials need the vote of the poor, so maybe we are been set up for the execution of the most effective of government relocation plan…”ACCIDENTAL FIRE”.

We are in May, the hottest month, everything is nice and dry, Baseco is a big piece of land in the Port Area and there is no water…perfect scenario for an “accidental fire”.

Might not be the case, who knows, but if we have a fire…!

The Fire Truck is full, we have extinguishers scattered around, and a few in our house, so we are as ready as we can be.

What a wonderful world we live in.


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