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…and the point is..?


This little photo summarizes so much of the country, the sign says no parking, the bike is my workhorse. When I parked there, the sign was not there. The police man, put the sign there 5 minutes after I parked, then just looked at it and did nothing more.


Rules, signs and authorities, but all pointless, very little enforced. Things are done, but nothing is really done.

Many things are taken so literally that they don’t work. For example, in a couple of minutes two other motorbikes parked, one near mine, one the other side of the sign, but of course, no one can actually park “where the sign is”, as the sign physically takes up that space…but you can park as near to the sign as you want.

Crazy. No laws broken, no laws need to be enforced, the law enforcer is still technically doing his job, the sign is effective & everything is working fine…very dysfunctional, but all working fine.


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