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Leaders Lead

Leadership, by pure definition means that some one is leading….which means others are following, until they are ready to lead themselves….if they can’t follow, they can never lead.

Following is easy when you want to do it, as in when you like it, when it suits you and what you might believe, but when you don’t like it, that’s when a decision to follow needs to be made any way – this is a great sign of potential leadership, because the person is right now “leading themselves to follow” when they might not want to do it…often leaders don’t want to do things, but they do them because they must be done.

Acts 1:15, 2:14, makes this statement, “Peter stood up”, this was not what Peter was accustomed to doing, clearly there have been changes in Peters life, and so today, when it is needed, Peter “stands up”.

That’s what leaders do, they stand up, they stand out, they lead, they set direction, they change things, they take initiative, see the opportunities – when others are doing nothing, leaders do some thing, that’s why they are leaders.

Leaders don’t just lead in the church, they lead in the community. Peter is heading to the temple to pray, a cripple is begging, “Peter saw and Peter said”. Leaders are paying attention and are always ready to respond, and we know a great miracle happens next in the life of the cripple.

This now leads to another opportunity, a crowd gathers and Peter “saw it”. Now it’s not hard to see a crowd, so what did Peter see, he saw the opportunity, so he took it and begins to preach, another great miracle follows, “many believe”…but opportunities follow when there is boldness to take the first opportunity. Now they get the opportunity to speak to the elders and leaders of the people, so Peter takes that opportunity. Opportunities lead to further opportunities, if you miss the first one, you miss the lot. This is sort of ok, as there will be so many opportunities today, but you really don’t want to miss the “big one”, so get in the habit of seeing and taking every “small one” you can, because you just never know where this one will lead to…

Every problem, every encounter, every situation, every circumstance brings with it opportunities, leaders see them, take them and therefore get the results.

In Acts 5:13, it says of Peter and others that “the people esteemed them highly”, it would not be hard to work out why. Their example, their leadership, the presence of God, the consistency of their lives, honour and respect where honour and respect are due. It was never demanded, but it was very freely given.


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