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Church Issues





For those of you who follow this blog, you will know that our main building has serious flooding issues, which means that in this coming rainy season the building will be totally unusable.

NOTE – I did not say our main church – the building is just a place where our church (as in the people) meet sometimes. The church, is the people, the building just keeps sun and off of us as we meet.

Anyway, it’s got issues. We had planned a huge renovation of the existing structure, but we really don’t have the funds for it at this time, but we must do something effort the rainy season comes. There is also rumors that the area this building is in will be redeveloped which would mean we loose the building and our cash.

So what we are going to do is build a temporary structure to use for the rest of summer and this coming rainy season. We have purchased a lot, demolishing the existing structure on it and in the next few weeks will build a building in its place.

Then in a year we will know what development is, or is not happening in the area, and we will be able to decide what to do with our existing structure.

So watch this space for further updates, we demolished the existing structure today.


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