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Ok, I need to adjust my post on the burns boys last night. This morning seeing the boys in the light (last night we were in the dark), there are not as bad as I thought. Still very bad burns.

They went to hospital last night and the Dr popped all the blisters on the oldest boy and pulled the skin off (as you do), idiot, then sent them home with not as much as a bandage. For some reason he did nothing with the youngest.

There are some very good hospitals and Dr’s here, but far out there are so many who just need shooting, except that would a waste of good bullets. I was expecting to be peeling gauze pad off these children this morning, so in some ways the Dr doing nothing does make ituch easier for us.

I understand that with burns like this, in Australia we would treat the burns in the hospital initially and all the dead skin would be removed, but that’s because the patient will be admitted and kept in a clean sterile environment, but to just peel the blister and send some one home unbandaged, that is beyond ridiculous for some who is supposed to be a Dr.

Pictures are very graphic, but none of the burns look really deep, nothing third degree. The penis on the older boy might be an issue,everything else will be ok.

We have done this so many times now, we have this down pat. They will come morning and night and we will change the dressing and smother them in flamizine, we will very gently cut away the dead skin as the blisters on the young one deflate. We will have no scarring and we will cause them no more pain.






No scarring and no more pain.


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