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It’s repentance that brings salvation, not just merely a confession of Christ as Lord. The confession of Christ as Lord is very biblical, but in many settings it has just become words. Here in the Philippines, Christianity is said to be a mile wide and an inch deep – just nothing to it, no substance, no reality. Everyone knows about Jesus, without knowing Jesus.

The message of repentance has been greatly over shadowed by the message of forgiveness. Everyone wants forgiveness without repentance. So they accept Jesus as some form of forgiveness giving being, but clearly not as Lord. Then when life doesn’t improve or change, the teaching that says “we enter heaven through much suffering and hardships” comes into play, with the reminder that “when we get to heaven there will be no more tears, no more suffering there”. Very distorted doctrines, taught by sinful and simple people, to sinful and simple people.

Forgiveness is neither automatic or free, the price is personal repentance, no repentance, no forgiveness, no eternal salvation, no heaven, no rest, no blessing, no nothing. Just the wages of sin in this life and beyond.

The Phillipines as a nation has been reached with the gospel, but it’s very much unconverted.

We need REVIVAL here.


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