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The Future


We have been sending children to school for 8 years now, many are not children anymore.

This year we have 10 young men and women in college, with an 11th young lady who has already graduated and is working at developing her career and life.

It’s exciting to see, the future is truly brighter for these students.

Not one of these 8 has a sponsor, other than myself and Christine, and of course Jesus.

We have a college fund set up, where people can donate any amount, do it once, monthly, yearly, whatever…then at certain points in the year we simply divide what we have between our students.

To DONATE to our college fund, just use the normal means and state that it is for college, very simple.

These are good, Godly young people, active in youth, active in the church, active in personal evangelism and they still have time to study.

Courses are – Book Keeping (basic accounting), Teaching, Business Administration, BS in Industrial Education, BS in Information Technology, Accountancy (including bar exam for international recognition) and BS in Computer Science.

Some of our students only have months to go to graduate, others have 3 years in front of them.

I will make a point here – many impoverished countries have high levels of college graduates working in menial jobs. Example, here you need college to work at Mac Donald’s. So people enrol in literally any course in the hope they can graduate and get a better menial job than some one else (read that again).

WE DON’T ENCOURAGE THIS. That’s not why we are sending you to college. We are coaching our young people, about careers and income streams, not just getting a “job”. What you study in, you start your career in.

J.O.B – Just Over Broke. Working to pay bills. We all have or have had jobs, but if you want to improve your future you need to advance beyond this, to a career, investments. It might be fine to have a job in Australia, retire, collect your  super and live the rest of your life on a pension, but that won’t work here, you must think and act different.

If you can please consider donating to these students…we will have more next year…

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