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Live Change to Lead Change


As I look and consider change, as in real life changing change, I am become more and more aware how difficult it really is to accomplish serous, long term change in anyone more than your self. It’s easy to quote some numbers, talk about salvations, a few miracles, another church plant, another cell group…but real life change, that effects and alters the life of an individual in a real, measurable and positive way, this is another story. Actually one of the main points of the afor mentioned things, is that they help to produce the change I am talking about.

I am coming to believe that my example of personal change, combined with my continual encouragement and teaching, to hopefully inspire change, is the only hope we have of bringing change to another person, and even then, it’s still just “a hope”.

Without God and the Holy Spirit being at work in myself and in others, I would actually go so far as to say, that change like I am talking about is almost impossible. The nature of man, if it is left to it’s own devices “degrades”, it does not improve.

So live a life of change, teach, preach and encourage on change in order to inspire change…and then work with the people who make the “choice” to change.

I reckon this is a fair summary of my thoughts at this point on change.

I am aiming for serious change personally and for others, so with Gods help we will work this out as we continually walk this out with Him.

We have seen great change, but we have not even scratched the surface of what is possible with God, but we are on the way.

Very happy, but far from satisfied.


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