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God Speaks


God spoke to me amazingly in a dream. I don’t post random words from God. It must be more than just “I think this is a clear word from God” for me to post it here in a public forum.


Very interestingly, it was clearly for, or more accurately it was in, Australia.

There was destruction and division being propagated from within, that just looked like progressive change.

There was a system of change that was being implemented very cleverly, and in an extremely organised and systematic manner. The sole aim of the change, was destruction and division. But the process to get to this goal looked great all the way through until the end.

In the dream if you encountered the change in any way, and it was actually impossible to avoid, any response you had to it, whether that response was good or bad, had already been predicted and had been built into the strategy from the very beginning. They had missed nothing at all. To resist was both futile and impossible in the natural.

At the end of the dream God said, “the only hope is to get Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding”.

That’s twice now God has told me personally to get wisdom. Hopefully I am on the right track for attaining that.

Amazing dream, so real, so vivid. Wonder what’s really going on in our country..?


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