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Choose Wisely


It’s interesting to see how people respond to challenge.

Lets use this example, some one gets challenged in an area of sin.

A very common defensive stance is this “you don’t know my life, what I’ve been through, where I’ve been, how much I’ve changed” (this might actually be very true), or this might be another common one “you can’t judge me, God loves me” (there is also truth here), then there is a third common one “when we get to heaven we might find that the grace of God is very different than what we think it is” (I have no doubt that in heaven grace and many other biblical concepts will be very, very different to what we currently believe).

These are all very defensive positions, aimed at warding off any real pressure to change, or at least avoiding the need to honestly examine and look at our lives, just in case adjustments are needed.

But here’s another thought – what if God actually means exactly what He says in His Word. What if holiness, righteousness and the deliberate avoidance of, not only sin, but even things that may have the appearance of sin. What if all of this is also correct. What if God has the ability to communicate His will very clearly, after all, He is God, He made us, surely He knows how to communicate His thoughts and concepts clearly to us..! The bible says that if I know it’s sin, and I deliberately do it, then to me it is sin, what if that is actually correct..?

Here’s a thought – we can easily adopt a defensive stance to justify our sin and hope that grace will some how make my deliberate choice null and void, but there is of course a risk in this position, or we can just as easily adopt a defensive stance against sin and endeavour to avoid even the appearance of sin and then we must still hope that His grace will be sufficient for me, there is much less risk in this position.

CHOOSE WISELY WHILE YOU LIVE, there’s no choice after death…


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