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Culture Development


Culture is the gradual establishment of ideas. (these two lines are Edward DE Bono, what comes next comes from Jesus).

As culture gets more established, education becomes one of the means of communicating those ideas to future generations.

It’s interesting to note, that many great leaders (those who influenced  or added positive progression to their cultures) were influenced or educated outside of their own cultures, because culture exerts a conforming pressure. To escape the conforms of culture you often need an external stimulus.

Without that external stimulation, you need some sort of internal desire to rise in the individual. Hardship or hopelessness, amongst other things, can sometimes produce this. This can start that inner searching for answers and solutions, which will often lead people to God.

When real thinking is not encouraged by the culture, any process of change becomes much harder to achieve, but the other side of this also means, that when ideas come that can really bring positive change, THEY STAND OUT. So they can often be rapidly appropriated by parts of the population that are not so conformed to culture, or by parts of the population that already have external influences, no matter how small.

Example – Internet usage by the young, vs Internet usage by the aged…who is usually getting more external stimulation, who can often absorb new ideas faster…

What a great time to be a missionary focused on the youth culture.

Work with the hungry.

It’s faith that finds a better future.


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