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Life Payment Options


The cost of disciplined living now, is nothing compared to the “eventual cost” of undisciplined living.

The “bill” for undisciplined living might seem like it will never come, but don’t be deceived, it will find its way to you.

Example – maybe you eat junk food for a month, it tastes ok, it’s sort of cheap, super convenient and after a month there are no obvious side effects, so it must be ok, I can do this, right, NO – because diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc, you don’t see them in a month, it takes years for that bill to catch up with you, but be assured “it’s in the mail, and it will find you eventually”.

It does not matter what it is, lack of diet control, lack of exercise, lack of saving, lack of planning, lack of wisdom, lack of self control, lack of prayer, lack of Godliness – PAY THE RIGHT PRICE NOW, because the cost that becomes obvious only over time, can be massive…and you don’t want to pay that…

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